Teaching Service/Assistantship

As a PhD student, you play a central pedagogical role in the Faculty. PhD students serve as Teaching Assistants (TAs), Course Directors, guest lecturers, advisors, and mentors. Teaching Assistantships assigned as part of the PhD funding package (see Fees and financial support) are normally tutorial leaders in the Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) program, but can also be team lecturers or course directors. These positions give PhD candidates the opportunity for intellectual and professional development.

Once your Comprehensive Exam Stage is completed, you can apply for Course Directorships in existing BES courses, and can also propose and teach new “Special topics” (ENVS 3800) courses in the BES program. Every year, the BES Program Director sends out an invitation for applications to teach these courses, and the BES Curriculum Committee reviews the proposals during the winter term preceding the year in which they will be taught.

Teaching support

York’s Teaching Commons provides programs, information and workshops in support of excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. Many of these programs and resources are designed to support graduate students in developing teaching skills and building a Teaching Dossier that will help demonstrate your skills to future employers. Please see the TA Program section of their website for details.

Through the support of the Teaching Commons and the Faculty of Graduate Studies, FES often has MES or PhD students acting as Teaching Development Graduate Assistants (TDGAs). These TDGAs arrange workshops and provide other teaching development assistance. Look for announcements about events happening in the Faculty throughout the year.