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Celebrating 50 Years of FES

Since 1968, the Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) at York University has been at the forefront of cutting edge research, teaching and learning. As the first Faculty of Environmental Studies in Canada, we have remained focused on exploring the interconnections and disconnections between humans and the environments in which we live – the natural & ecological phenomena, political & social constructs, urban & rural spaces, and indigenous, cultural & artistic ways of knowing.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, we will be celebrating our 50 years of global research impact, dynamic teaching & experiential education, and fostering community participation & engaged citizenship.

We hope you will share in our excitement by taking the opportunity to look back with us! Join us by sharing your memories of your time in FES and by participating in our 50th celebrations throughout the year.

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Timeline of Success

Over the past 50 years, the Faculty of Environmental Studies has pioneered environmental education in Canada and across the globe. Through collaborative, participatory and action based learning strategies, our three innovative programs have prepared over 6000 graduates to tackle issues In social justice and environmental well-being. Our landmark achievements in leadership and program implementation are highlighted in this timeline feature. Explore our past with us as we celebrate this milestone anniversary and look to the next 50 years of FES at York U and beyond.

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Research at FES

Since its inception in 1968, FES has established itself as a leader in interdisciplinary teaching and research on a wide variety of environmental themes and issues. In FES, environment encompasses natural, built, social, and organizational environments. This broad definition of the environment is very much in evidence in the range of research that FES scholars pursue all over the globe. From environmental thought to environmental practice, from planning to international development, from native issues and gender issues to health and environmental science – indeed from almost anywhere in the world – you will find FES research.

FES is committed to the overarching goal of undertaking collaborative, innovative, and interdisciplinary research and working with its academic and other community partners, both at the international levels and local levels, towards promoting equitable and sustainable environments. In its dual commitment to research diversity and cross-border collaboration, FES thus seeks to claim a position at the cutting-edge of scholarship in environmental studies.

From November 2018 to June 2019, we will be hosting a variety of events to celebrate our 50th anniversary. We invite you join us at any and all events you are able to attend including:

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