Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies

Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies

Faculty of Environmental Studies students may earn a General Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies while, and in addition to, fulfilling the requirements for the BES program.

Required courses:

  • AP/SOSC 1130 9.00 or AP/GEOG 2310 6.00
  • eighteen additional credits of which 12 credits must be at 3000 or 4000 level.

A list of pre-approved environmental studies courses follows. Other relevant courses may be selected and submitted from the available courses. Students can discuss the applicability of other courses with the Centre for Refugee Studies Education Coordinator.

Environmental studies courses for the General Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies:

  • ES/ENVS 3160 3.00
  • ES/ENVS 3310 3.00
  • ES/ENVS 4210 3.00
  • ES/ENVS 4220 3.00

Other requirements:

To be awarded the certificate, students must:

  • Students must also achieve a cumulative GPA of 5.0 or higher in the courses taken for the Certificate.
  • All students enrolled in the General Certificate Program must attend a minimum of 8 CRS seminar presentations over the course of their degree. Note: Any seminar in addition to the regular CRS seminars that are either hosted or co-sponsored by CRS can also count towards fulfilling this requirement.
  • Students are required to complete 15 hours volunteer participation in the Student Caucus and/or other CRS activities. Please see list of activities for suggestions.

Other courses are listed in the Faculties of Glendon and Liberal Arts and Professional Studies sections of the Undergraduate Calendar. For more information, please visit the Centre for Refugee Studies website at http://crs.info.yorku.ca/.

How to apply

Students should apply to enter the certificate program at the beginning of their third year. Students admitted to the certificate program must submit a completed checklist for the General Certificate in Refugee Migration Studies to the education coordinator at the Centre for Refugee Studies (CRS), to ensure that all certificate requirements have been considered. Further information is available from the education coordinator, Centre for Refugee Studies, or the coordinator’s academically accredited designate.