Certificate in Urban Ecologies

Certificate in Urban Ecologies

The Urban Ecologies (UE) Certificate program is an interdisciplinary program designed to help you learn how the many conflicts between the natural and urban environments emerge, is represented and can be addressed. The program emphasizes urban ecology as an innovative and interactive approach to critically study urban landscapes, places, sites and ecologies.

Through this certificate, you will develop theoretical and practical knowledge to help address complex contemporary urban environmental challenges through thoughtful planning, design and ecological action.

In addition to the above core courses, students must complete an additional 12 credits from the following list of courses:

  • ES/ENVS 3150 3.00
  • ES/ENVS 3160 3.00
  • ES/ENVS 3226 3.00
  • ES/ENVS 3401 3.00 or ES/ENVS 2410 3.00
  • ES/ENVS 3710 3.00
  • ES/ENVS 3760 3.00
  • ES/ENVS 3891 3.00 (cross-listed to AP/HIST 3891 3.00)
  • ES/ENVS 4225 3.00
  • ES/ENVS 4230 6.00

Other Requirements

Admissions Requirement: Students seeking entry to the certificate program must complete ES/ENVS 2009 3.00 or equivalent in their second year of study and prior to completion of 45-60 credits of their undergraduate program.

To graduate with the certificate, students must satisfy Honours degree and program requirements including a minimum 5.00 cumulative grade point average and a minimum grade of C+ in each course credited to the certificate.

How to Apply

The certificate is open to any undergraduate York University student enrolled in an Honours degree program. To register for the Urban Ecologies Certificate program, you must fill out the Urban Ecologies application form and submit it to the Office of Student and Academic Services (OSAS) in 137 HNES. Obtain the application form here. Your application will be forwarded to the Urban Ecologies Program Coordinator for approval.