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FES Graduate Research Scholarship

FES Graduate Research Scholarship

Value: $1,000
Deadline: February 7
Number of Awards: 1


The Scholarship is an individual distinction awarded to graduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University on the basis of excellence in their past work in the Faculty and on the quality of written proposals in an annual competition. The Scholarship is intended to provide encouragement to students who wish to pursue particular scholarly research or other appropriate activities in the field of environmental studies, and to make possible more extensive research activities by graduate students than would otherwise be feasible.


  • This scholarship is open to continuing full time students registered in either the Master's Program or the PhD Program at the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University.


  • Detailed description of the proposed research activity. This should include a brief description of the research activity, description of research design, a time schedule, and a detailed budget (up to $1000). This proposal is not to exceed 10 double spaced pages in length;

  • Curriculum vitae and a copy of the student history from the student's dossier;

  • Two letters of reference from teaching faculty members in FES. The letter should evaluate both the student in general and the proposed research activity and its connection to the student's Plan of Study or Program Plan;
    Please find the Reference Assessment Form here.

  • Covering letter indicating the student's wish to be considered for the scholarship. This letter should note any other awards, assistantships or scholarships that the student currently holds.

Terms and Conditions

  1. An individual student will be eligible for only one FES Graduate Research Scholarship during their course of study.

  2. The committee may decide to split the award, or it may decide not to award the scholarship in any given year.

  3. Recipients are required to submit a report to the Research and Awards Committee outlining their research activities within one year of the announcement of the award. Such students may be requested to give a seminar at the Faculty based on the research undertaken with the support of the scholarship.

Selection Process

  • Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the student's research proposal, curriculum vitae, academic standing in the Faculty, and letters of reference; selection will be made by the Research and Awards Committee.

Additional Information

Take note: The value and number of award(s) in any given year will depend on the rate of distribution from the endowment fund, and the number of recipients selected.

Also note that this scholarship is normally awarded in the fall term. We are inviting students to apply in the winter term using materials that were prepared for the fall. Therefore if you come across a deadline of October 3rd or an extended deadline of November 15 please ignore those dates. The deadline for the winter submission is February 7.


Submit your application package electronically to fesaward@yorku.ca and an OSAS staff member will receive and process your application, or submit it to York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Office of Student and Academic Services, 137 HNES Bldg. by the Feb. 7 deadline.