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Fawcett, Leesa K

 Fawcett_Leesa K

Fawcett, Leesa K

Associate Professor

BSc Hons (Marine Biology and Oceanography) , Guelph
MES (Environmental Thought & Biological Conservation) , York
PhD (Biology Human Ecology) , York

Animal Studies Environmental Education and Philosophy Biological Conservation and Natural History Political Ecology Experiential Education and Indigenous Knowledges Feminist Science and Technology Studies Food Sovereignty and Sustainability


Lead, “Knowledge Gardening: Indigenous Learning and Community Building”, AVP York University, Indigeneity in Teaching and Learning Fund

Principal Investigator (with A. Zalik & E. Havice), “Ocean Frontiers: An interdisciplinary workshop on changing contours of marine space and resource access,” SSHRC Connections Grant

Principal Investigator (with Co-Investigator Sheila Wahsquonaikezhik),  “Nishnawbe Aski Nation Youth (Remote Regions, Northern Ontario): Gambling Pilot Project,” Gambling Research Exchange Ontario

Co-investigator (with Dr. Sue Ruddick, PI), “Crossing Boundaries: Human-Wildlife Encounters in the Greater Toronto Area,” SSHRC Insight Grant


  • University Wide Award for Teaching Excellence (York University Senate Committee & York Parents Association)

Selected Publications

Fawcett, L. and M. Johnson. 2019. “Multi-species Worlds and Relational Pedagogies.” In T. Lloro-Bidart  & Valerie Banschbach (Eds.), Animals in Environmental Education: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Curriculum and Pedagogy. London, UK: Palgrave Publishers.

Russell, J. and L. Fawcett. 2018. “Childhood Animalness: Relationality, Vulnerabilities, and Conviviality.” In A. Cutter-Mackenzie, K. Malone and E. Barratt Hacking (Eds.), Research Handbook on Childhoodnature: Assemblages of Childhood and Nature Research. New York: Springer International Handbooks of Education.

Cheuy, S., L. Fawcett, K. Hutchinson and T.  Robertson. 2016. “A Citizen-led Approach to Enhancing Community Well-Being.” In R. Philips and C. Wong (Eds.), Handbooks of Quality-of-Life. New York: ISQOLS/Springer Handbook Series.

Fawcett, L. 2016. “Rats! Being Social Requires Empathy.” In J. Castricano and L. Corman, (Eds.), Animal Subjects 2.0. Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

Russell, C., Fawcett, L. and J. Oakley. 2014. “Removing Margins in Environmental Education,” Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 18: 5-9.

Fawcett, L. 2014. “Kinship Imaginaries: Children’s Stories and Inter-Species Ethics.” In G. Marvin and S. McHugh, (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Human-Animal Studies. 259- 274. London: Routledge.

Fawcett, L. and Janis L. Dickinson. 2013. “Psychological Resilience, Uncertainty, and Biological Conservation: Junctures between Emotional Knowledges, Nature Experiences, and Environmental Education.” In ME. Krasny and J. Dillon, (Eds.), Trading Zones in Environmental Education: Creating Transdisciplinary Dialogue.  159-184. New York: Peter-Lang.

Fawcett, L.  2012.“Three Degrees of Separation: Accounting for Naturecultures in Environmental Education Research Issues.” In R. Stevenson, M. Brody, J. Dillon, & A. Wals (Eds.), International Handbook on Environmental Education Research. 405-413. New York: Routledge/AERA.

Fawcett, L. 2012. The Case of the Mimic Octopus: Agency and World Making. Antennae: Animal Influence, 21(Summer 2012): 58-66.

Wilson, M., M. Hickey, J. Craine, L. Fawcett, A. Oberhauser, E. Roe, T. Warkentin. 2011. “Cyborg Spaces and Monstrous Places: Critical Geographic Engagements with Harawayian Theory.” Aether: Vol. VIII. A:  42-67, September 2011.

T. Warkentin and L. Fawcett, 2010. “Whale and Human Agency in World-Making: Decolonizing Whale-Human Encounters.” In R. Acampora (Ed.), Metamorphoses of the Zoo: Animal Encounters after Noah. 103-121. Plymouth, U.K.: Lexington.