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Keil, Roger H

 Keil_Roger H

Keil, Roger H


Dr.Phil. (Political Science) , Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität

Global Suburbanism Urban Governance and Planning Global Cities Infectious Disease and Cities Urban Infrastructures Urban Political Ecology


Global suburbanisms: Governance, land, and infrastructure in the 21st century
(PI for SSHRC Major Collaborative Research Initiative 2010-19; 50 researchers; 17 partners).

The Role of Social, Cultural and Environmental Factors in Improving Ebola Virus Disease Response and Resilience: Exploring the Potential of Community-Based Initiatives, IDRC Rapid Research Fund for Ebola Virus Outbreaks, Co-applicant with Harris Ali (York, PI), Mosoka Fallah (NPHIL, PI) and others, 2018-20.

StudentMoveTO: From Insight to Action on Transportation for Post-secondary Students in the GTHA, SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, Co-applicant with Raktim Mitra (PI) and others, 2018-21.

Collaborative Governance under Austerity: An eight-case Comparative Study, Co-applicant with Jonathan Davies (PI), Pierre Hamel et al., ESRC funded consortium project (ES/L012898/1) 2015-17.


  • York Research Chair in Global Sub/Urban Studies
  • York President's Research Excellence Award

Selected Publications


2020 (ed. with Judy Branfman) Don Parson - Public Los Angeles: A Private City’s Activist Futures. University of Georgia Press.

2019 (ed. w K. Murat Güney and Murat Üçoğlu) Massive Suburbanization: (Re) Building the Global Periphery (University of Toronto Press Global Suburbanisms series).

2018 Suburban Planet: Making the World Urban from the Outside In. Cambridge: Polity. (Chinese Simplified version of Suburban Planet published by Jiangsu Phoenix Education Publishing House in 2019).

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2015 (ed. with P. Hamel) Suburban Governance: A Global View. Toronto: UTP.

2013 (ed.) Suburban Constellations. Berlin: Jovis Verlag.

Articles in Refereed Journals

2020 (with Pierre Hamel) 'La coopération, c’est clé': Montreal’s urban governance in times of austerity, Journal of Urban Affairs.

2019 The city into theory – Theory in Toronto. Contribution to review symposium on Margaret Kohn’s The Death and Life of the Urban Commonwealth, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.

2018 After Suburbia: research and action in the suburban century, Urban Geography, DOI: 10.1080/02723638.2018.1548828 (Urban Geography Plenary Lecture, AAG 2018).

2018 The empty shell of the planetary: Re-rooting the urban in the experience of the urbanites, Urban Geography. DOI: 10.1080/02723638.2018.1451018.

2018 Canadian Suburbia: From the Periphery of Empire to the Frontier of the Sub/Urban Century, Zeitschrift für Kanadastudien.

2018 Extended urbanization, “disjunct fragments” and global suburbanisms, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 36(3) 494–511 https://doi.org/10.1177/0263775817749594.

2016 (with P. Filion) Contested infrastructures: Tension, inequity and innovation in the global suburb, Urban Policy and Research, DOI: 10.1080/08111146.2016.1187122.

2016 (with S. Macdonald) Rethinking urban political ecology from the outside in: Greenbelts and boundaries in the post-suburban city, Local Environment, DOI: 10.1080/13549839.2016.1145642.

2016 (with JP Addie) ‘It’s not going to be suburban, it’s going to be all urban’: Assembling Post-Suburbia in the Toronto and Chicago Regions, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 39,5 (September), 892-911.

2015 Towers in the park, bungalows in the garden: Peripheral densities, metropolitan scales and the political cultures of post-suburbia, Built Environment, 41,4:  579-596.

2015 (with E. Charmes) Post-suburban morphologies in Canada and France: Beyond the anti-sprawl debate, IJURR D&D 39,3: 581-602.

2015 (with JP Addie) Real existing regionalism: The region between talk, territory and technology, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 39,2 (March), 407-17.

2015 (with JP Addie and K.Olds) “Beyond town and gown”: Higher education institutions, territoriality and the mobilization of new urban structures, Territory, Politics, Governance, 3,1: 27-50.

Chapters in Books

2020 (with Derek Brunelle) Government, politics, and suburbanization in Los Angeles, In: Jan Nijman, ed. The Life of North American Suburbs (University of Toronto Press Global Suburbanisms series).

2019  (with Pierre Filion and Nina Pulver) Introduction: Suburban Infrastructures as Vehicles of Integration and Fragmentation, In: Pierre Filion and Nina Pulver, eds. Global Suburban Infrastructure: Social Restructuring, Governance and Equity. (University of Toronto Press Global Suburbanisms series).

2019  Paved Paradise: The Suburb as Chief Artifact of the Anthropocene and Terrain of New Political Performativities, in Henrik Ernstson and Erik Swyngedouw (eds.) Interrupting the Anthropo-ob(S)cene: Political Possibilities in the Natures of Cities, Routledge.

2018  (with Pierre Hamel) Toward a Comparative Global Suburbanism, In: Bernadette Hanlon and Thomas J. Vicino, eds. The Routledge Companion to the Suburbs.

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2016  (with Harris Ali, Barlu Dumbuya, Michaela Hynie, Pablo Idahosa, and Patricia Perkins), The Social and Political Dimensions of the Ebola Response: Global Inequality, Climate Change, and Infectious Disease, in Walter Leal Filho, Ulisses M. Azeiteiro, Fátima Alves (eds.), Climate Change and Health: Improving Resilience and Reducing Risks. Cham: Springer, 151-170.

2016  The prospect of suburbs: rethinking the urban field on a planet of cities, in Haripriya Rangan, Mee Kam Ng, Jacquelyn Chase and Libby Porter (eds.) Insurgencies and Revolutions: Reflections on John Friedmann’s Contributions to Planning Theory and Practice, Informa.

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