High School Outreach

High School Outreach

The Faculty of Environmental Studies provides reach ahead resources and hands-on skill building to support and foster environmental and social justice education for the next generation. With our increasingly interconnected world and booming population, the need for environmental stewardship has never been greater. From wetland conservation and planning sustainable cities to pushing for social justice and bringing about corporate social responsibility, the resources we offer in FES will compliment your EcoSchool’s EcoMandate or assist in your planning for Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) activities.

Enhancing Environmental Education

We are dedicated to inspiring environmental change and social justice in your school. To assist you in enhancing environmental education in your classrooms, we offer a series of dynamic programs that will engage your students beyond the textbook. Whether you need an activity for your Eco-Schools’ conference, Eco-Fair, or to support your classroom curriculum, our programs can assist you in creating a dynamic learning opportunity.

Change Your World

The Change Your World conference aims to inspire youth in Ontario to be the next generation of environmentally active citizens. We welcome high school students and their teachers to this dynamic one-day conference that brings together youth and community organizations from across the province to discuss, collaborate and learn how to make sustainable and equitable change.

30+ High schools across Ontario

20+ Alumni & Community Organizations

30+ Hands on Workshops

Your School’s Pledge for Change

Inspired by the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) and in partnership with our friends at the 3% Project, our 2018 conference goal will be to encourage all attending schools to make a year-long pledge for environmental or social change in their schools.

And… we will help you all year! All registered schools will receive a start-up package to help launch a community action project, be provided with a hands-on workshop at the conference to establish their plan and receive year long mentorship from the 3% Project team and us to accomplish their goal!

SHSM Career Exploration/Reach Ahead

EcoSchool Curriculum

Grades 10-12

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Environmental Field Trips to York University

Whether you’re teaching Canadian and World Issues, Geography, Environmental Science, Resource Management, Equity and Social Justice, covering relatable subjects in your curriculum, or just want to take your Eco-Club on campus, our field trip program can be tailored to your group! Learn about environmental studies and careers, foster a love of the environment, and meet SHSM and Eco-School requirements.

Offered November-May


SHSM Career Exploration/Reach Ahead

EcoSchool Curriculum

Sample Schedule

Time Activity
10am-11am Discover York University’s Keele campus on an Environmental campus tour with a current BES student
11am-12pm Hands-on activity or lecture
12pm-1pm Lunch on campus. Students can bring a bagged lunch or purchase a meal at one of our 50 eateries on campus

Field Trip Lecture Series

Mosquitos, Malaria & DDT: Human Health and the Environment

With Professor Sarah Flicker, Associate Dean

Storytelling in Climate Change Times

With Professor Cate Sandilands Trudeau, Research Fellow

A Planet of Suburbs: How We Live in the 21st Century

With Professor Roger Keil, York Chair in Global Sub/Urban Studies

What’s the Buzz? Working Towards Pollinators Conservation in Canada

With Professor Sheila Colla

Whale Science: Climate Change and Our Oceans

With Professor Leesa Fawcett

How Are Communities Participating in Low-Carbon Energy Transition?

With Professor Christina Hoicka

Innovative Transportation Solutions for Ontario

With Professor José Etcheverry Co-Chair Sustainable Energy Initiative

Art and Plant-based Dyes

With Professor Lisa Myers

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Class Visits at Your School

Looking for a hands-on learning workshop for your classroom or eco-conference? We have developed a series of workshops geared toward inspiring your students to consider an eco-program, learn more about environmental careers or discover our very own EcoCampus in Costa Rica

Offered September-May


SHSM Career Exploration/Reach Ahead

EcoSchool Curriculum

Workshop Series

Listening to the Land: An Introduction to Environmental Justice and Storytelling

Join the Indigenous Environmental Justice (IEJ) Project, led by Canadian Research Chair, Deborah McGregor, to explore stories on the land. How can Indigenous storytelling point to justice and environmental issues? How can Indigenous and non-Indigenous people move toward reconciliation through storytelling? What story can you tell?

Careers in the Environment

Through interactive activities, this dynamic workshop will explore various pathways one could take from their university studies to an exciting career in the environmental sector. The Eco Job boom has opened the doors in many industries for environmental and sustainable professionals – discover future career opportunities with us! We offer a workshop for grade 10 and another for grade 11 and 12 audiences.

Discover our Las Nubes EcoCampus in Costa Rica

This one-hour session will take your students on a journey through the cultural and ecological beauty of the Las Nubes Forest Reservation, home to York University’s EcoCampus. Learn about species identification, Indigenous ways of knowing and community development from our Las Nubes research team.

Choose your own direction: Environmental Studies Degree at York University

This compelling presentation explores the many benefits to studying the Environment at York University. It includes the unique features of the program itself, career outcomes, and how to get admitted.

Exhibitor at Your School Fair

Are you planning a conference, an Eco-Fair or a career fair at your school? Invite Environmental Studies to run a table in your conference’s marketplace to highlight York University’s Environmental Studies program or Environmental Career options.

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The Path to Post-Secondary Studies

Do you have a student interested in continuing their environmental education beyond high school? With so many different Environmental programs in Ontario, it can be tough to figure out which one is best for them or what to do next. Below is a guide for how you can support your students towards post-secondary studies:

Our Quick Guide

Grade 10: Develop Your Passions

The environment is a big topic, which encompasses many different perspectives and fields of interest. Students in early high school should be trying new things, like taking different interest courses, exploring various career options for future aspirations and learning what matters to them most.

How You Can Support

  • Book our Gr. 10 Careers in the Environment Workshops for Civics and Citizenship (CHV20), Career Studies (GLH20) or Science (SNC2D)
  • Suggest to your students to complete their required volunteer hours with an environmental organization
  • Recommend joining school clubs or volunteer for events that focus on environmental change

Grade 11: Explore Your Options

There are many programs out there exploring the environment from various points of view, like scientific, economic, technical, social and political. In the later years of high school, students should be narrowing down their post-secondary pathways, exploring all options for future studies and learning what is the right fit for their interests.

How You Can Support

  • Attend our Change Your World Conference or book a field trip with us for Environmental Science (SVN3M), Regional Geography (CGD3M), Gender Studies (HSG3M), English: Contemporary Aboriginal Voices (NBE3U) or Current Aboriginal Issues in Canada (NDA3M)
  • Encourage your students to take leadership roles in the school’s eco-clubs, social justice groups or community eco-events
  • Suggest your students attend one of our individual YES! For a Day sessions in the Winter months of Grade 11 to explore our program

Grade 12: Apply to Environmental Programs and Scholarships

By Grade 12 (and with your help!), your students should have a better understanding of what aspects of post-secondary studies they would be most interested in pursuing. In the late Fall, they will be selecting their post-secondary programs. Our OUAC code is YES (York – Environmental Studies).

How You Can Support

  • Book our Gr. 12 Careers in Environment Workshop or field trip for Environment and Resource Management (CGR4M), World Geography (CGU4M), World Issues (CGW4U), Canadian and World Politics (CPW4U), Challenge and Change in Society (HSB4U) or Equity and Social Justice (HSE4M)
  • Attend the Change Your World Conference and ask your Grade 12 students to lead your school’s 3% Project Pledge for the entire year
  • Encourage your students to attend the Ontario Universities’ Fair, book our Yes! For a Day on a Fall PA Day or come to York U’s Fall Campus Day to learn more about Environmental Studies at YorkU.

Activities for Individual Students

What kind of students are a good fit for Environmental Studies?

  • Passionate about the environment
  • Looking to make meaningful change in the world
  • Like to explore issues from a variety of perspectives
  • Are interested in pursuing post-secondary education

YES! For a Day

Do you have a great student who is passionate about environmental and social change? Foster their love of the environment by encouraging them to take part in our York Environmental Studies (YES)! For a Day program.

Offered Monday to Friday


SHSM Career Exploration/Reach Ahead

EcoSchool Curriculum

Students can:

  • Sit in on a first or second year Environmental Studies class
  • Meet with a current Environmental Studies student
  • Chat with an Admissions Representative
  • Participate in a personal environmental campus tour

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