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Area of Concentration: Urban and Regional Environments

High School Attended: Father Bressani CHS, Vaughan, Ontario

Currently in: Year 4

Why Environmental Studies?

The need to study our ever changing environment has become more important now than ever. We as humans have an obligation to conserve and protect our planet and its detrimental health in its entirety. I have always felt very connected with the outdoors from a young age and growing up my grandmother was always a big influence in living and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. My passion for the environment started while taking an environmental science course in high school, which exposed me to not only understanding the growing issues that impact our planet’s environmental situation, but also, the important connections that humans and the environment have on each other. This sparked my interest for wanting to get more involved in the environmental field and so I did my research and came across the Environmental Studies Program at York University and decided it would be a great fit.

Future Plans

I am interested in the topics of climate change/policy making, urban planning, and disaster and emergency management. My goal is to be able to assist in improving urban areas to become sustainable cities by implementing renewable energy systems, improving infrastructure and minimizing traffic congestion to improve the carbon footprint. I hope to work in a position that will allow me to implement such initiatives to improve urban environments for our future and for future generations to come.