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Aedan Alderson


Alderson, Aedan

  • B. A. Honours, Sociology
  • MES, Planning


Examining ongoing legacies of British imperialism and colonialism through comparative history

Year Entered: 2016

Dissertation Title

A post-colonial era? Bridging Mi'kmaq and Irish experiences of colonialism

Comprehensive Areas

  • 1) Comparative theories and case studies of imperialism
  • 2) Post-colonial studies and Indigenous studies


  • 2017-Present Member, Oral History Network of Ireland
  • 2016-Present Member, Accessibility, Community, Equity
  • 2017-Present Member, Canadian Oral History Association
  • 2016-Present. Member, Aboriginal Students Association at York

Advisory Comittee

  • Dr. Liette Gilbert (FES); Dr. Anna Zalik (FES); Dr. Cyndy Baskin (Ryerson Social Work)


Refereed Articles
Alderson, A. (2019). Reframing research in Indigenous countries.
        Qualitative Research in
Organizations and Management:
        An International Journal, Special Issue on Indigenous  
       Knowledge, Priorities, and Processes in Qualitative Research


Alderson, A. (2019). Decolonizing the Irish: The International
        Resistance and Entrenchment of the Global Irish Diaspora.
        Studi irlandesi, A Journal of Irish Studies, 9, 369-386.

Book Reviews
Alderson, A. (2014) Deconstructing Multiracial Identity through
        Intersectional Analysis: Jinthana Haritaworn's Biopolitics of
(Book Review). Undercurrents: Journal of Critical
        Environmental Studies
, 18, 55-56.

Professional Experience

Academic Appointments
2019-20    Doctoral Fellow, Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human
                 Rights, Crime and Security, Osgoode Law School, York
                 University, Toronto.

2018-19    Ireland Canada University Foundation Dobbin Atlantic
                 Scholar, Visiting Researcher, School of Geography, University
                 College Dublin.

Research Positions
2013         Community Partner/Research Assistant
                 Project title: “Investigating Environmental Justice and Racism
                 in Jane/Finch”
                 York University, Black Creek Community Health, Green-
                 Change, SPT.

2013        Lead Researcher/Planning Intern
                Project title: “Annual Service Report”
                Northwood Neighbourhood Settlement Services, Toronto.

2012.       Co-Investigator.
                Graduate Review of Pearson Union Express Project.
                York University. Toronto, Ontario.

2012.       Co-Investigator.
                Graduate Review of Ontario Municipal Board Effectiveness.
                York University. Toronto, Ontario.

2012.       Co-Investigator.
                Malvern Priority Neighbourhoods Profile Update. 
                York University. Toronto, Ontario.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistantships
2020                  Research Into Practice (EDFE 4200). The Faculty of
                          Education, York University.

2019.                 Educating for Activism (EDST 4010). Borderless Higher
                          Education for Refugees Program, York University,
                          Dadaab, UNHCR Camp/Kenyata University.

2016-18;13-14. Introduction to International Development Studies
                         Department of Social Sciences, York University.

Syllabus Development
2019                 ENVS 2200 Foundations of Urban and Regional
                         Environments (contributor)

2019                 Introduction to Tkaronto: Indigenous and Colonial
                         History in the Urban Environment (for submission to the
                         Faculty of Environmental Studies)

2017                 Comparative Imperialisms in Local and Global
                         Environments (submitted to the ENVS 3800 course
                         competition at York University)        


Poster Presentations

Alderson, A. (2018, May). After the land acknowledgement statement: re-
        centering Indigenous countries as our site of learning in university
        education on Turtle Island. Poster session presented at the
        Association for Nova Scotian University Teachers Indigenizing The
        Academy Conference, Membertou First Nation, Sydney, Nova Scotia.


2019      Nathanson Doctoral Fellowship Award
2019      Victor Hedges Graduate Scholarship in British and Irish History
2019      Ontario Graduate Scholarship
2019      Adrienne and Donna Pocock Memorial Award in Environmental
2018     Ireland Canada University Foundation Dobbin Atlantic
2018     Ontario Graduate Scholarship
2018     LA&PS Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence Nominee
2017     Dr. Allen T. Lambert Indigenous Scholars Award
2016     Ontario Graduate Scholarship


Invited Lectures

2020    "Addressing the colonial present: oral history research,
            international accountability, and the potential for decolonial co-
            learning with Indigenous nations". Lunch Talk Series. Nathanson
            Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime and Security,
            Osgoode Law School, York University, Toronto, TBA.

2019    "Re-centering Indigenous innovation: Recognizing Indigenous
             leadership in managing urban environments since time
             immemorial". Invited guest lecture, providing Environmental
             planning candidates information on Toronto's long and
             continuous history as a space of Indigenous innovation.
             In ENVS 6131, Environmental Planning,
             FES, York University, September 24.  

2019     "Indigenous Settlements & Urban Environments in Tkaronto: the
            meeting place"
             Invited guest lecture, introducing students to Toronto's pre-
            colonial heritage as an urban center and cosmopolitan
            settlement, and its present context.
            In ENVS 2200, Foundations of Urban and Regional
            Environments, FES, York University, September 18.

2016   “Dreaming the Post-colonial: Nationalism and the neo-colonial
            Invited guest lecture on the history of the “post-colonial era”,
            decolonization movements and the rise of neo-colonial
            nationalism in Canada and abroad.
            In SOSC 1430, “Introduction to International Development
            Studies”, The Department of Social Sciences, York University,
            December 1.

2015    “Planning as Dispossession: Settler Urbanism & The Indigenous
            Invited guest lecture on urban planning’s role in colonization,
            Indigenous sovereignty, and the urgency of collaborative
            research with Indigenous people.
            In ENVS 6124, Urban and Regional Planning, The Faculty of
            Environmental Studies, York University, February 15.

2012   “Occupy Toronto, Collaborative Resistance, and Civic
            Invited guest lecture on the Occupy movement’s interaction with
            global justice movements in Toronto and abroad.
            In HREQ 1910, The Global South, Human Rights and
            Department of Human Rights and Equity Studies, York 
            University, November 27.