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Aidin Torkameh


Torkameh, Aidin

  • B.A. Urban Planning, Art University of Tehran, Iran (2009)
  • M.A. Urban and Regional Planning , Tehran, Iran (2011)


Production of Space in Iran and the Middle East

Year Entered: 2018

Comprehensive Areas

  • Critical Theories of Space
  • Critical Theories of the State
  • Dialectical Methodologies


  • Member. Saray-e-Ahl-e-Ghalam (writers and translators organization), Tehran, Iran, 2015-Present
  • Editorial Board, and Founder, Space and Dialectics (www.dialecticalspace.com), 2016-Present

Advisory Comittee

  • John Simoulidis
  • Kanishka Goonewardena
  • Stefan Kipfer


BOOKS TRANSLATED (English to Persian)

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  7. Lefebvre, Henri (1939) 1968. Dialectical Materialism. London: Jonathan Cape, 1968. Teesa Publishing, Tehran,  2014

ARTICLES (In Persian)

  1. Planning Problematic: Un-planning in Iran, an Introduction to the Necessity of Planning Theorization, Space and Dialectics (http://dialecticalspace.com/planning-problematic/), 2018 (Fall).
  2. City and Democracy: A Critical View on Mayor Selection by City Council, Space and Dialectics (http://dialecticalspace.com/urban-democracy/), 2017 (Spring).
  3. An Expert City Council: A New Intellectual Fashion! Rejecting the Arguments that Support Technocratism, Space and Dialectics (http://dialecticalspace.com/city-council1/), 2017 (Spring).
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Professional Experience

  1. Land Question and Informality, for Urban Development and Revitalization Organization (UDRO) of the Iranian Ministry of Roads and Urban Development (MRUD), Tehran, Iran, 2016 (autumn), 2016-2017.
  2. Social Assessment of Urban Planning Process, Harandi Neighborhood, for Social and Culturan Deputy of Tehran Municipality, Tehran, 2015-2016.

Teaching Experience

  1. Teaching Assistant, “Earth in our Hands: Perspectives in Environmental Studies” Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University (2018-Present)
  2. Lecturer, “Dialectics as Method” A One-year Course, Rokhdad-e-Taze Andisheh Institute, Tehran, Iran, 2015-2016.
  3. Lecturer, University of Applied Science and Technology, Center of Urban Transportation, Tehran Municipality, Urban planning fundamentals and urban designing fundamentals (2013-2016)
  4. Lecturer, Islamic Azad University of Pardis, Tehran Province, Urban sociology (2011-2013)

Paper Presentations

Rethinking Tehran Modern Heritage through the Lens of Production of Space, Presentation at the Young Bauhaus Research-International Conference ‘‘Modern Heritage in the MENA region’’, from 30. To 31. August, 2017

Invited Talks

  1. Why Scale Theorizing Matters? A Critical Review of Different Approaches to Scale, (https://www.konesh.space/home/why-scale-theorizing-matters), 2018 (Fall)

Invited Lectures

  1. March 2018: Localization as a mask for dogmatism: a review of Iranian confrontation with Lefebvre’s right to the city, Vartan House, Tehran, Iran.  
  2. March 2018: Edward Soja’s Postmetropolis: a critical reading, jointly hosted by the Iranian Sociological Association and Iraninan Association of Cultural Studies, University of Tehran, Iran
  3. July 2017: an introduction to a new epistemology of the urban, hosted by Institute for Social Studies and Research, University of Tehran, Iran.  
  4. April 2017: on Urban Question, hosted by the Anthropology Association, University of Tehran, Iran.
  5. December 2016: Explanation of the Elements of a Holistic Approach to Urban Planning, hosted by Department of Cultural and Social Studies, Municipality of Mashhad, Iran.
  6. December 2016: Space and Social Theory in Urban Researches, hosted by Social Science Department, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, 2016 (autumn).
  7. November 2016: A Critique of Informal Settlements Theories: with a Look on Iran’s Conditions, hosted by Urban Development and Revitalization Organization (UDRO) of the Iranian Ministry of Roads and Urban Development (MRUD), Tehran, Iran.

Other Activities

  1. Workshop Director and Co-organizer, “Housing Question”, Space and Dialectics Research Group, Tehran, Iran. 2017-present.
  2. Founding member of Tehran Circle Group (An Independent Research Group Focused on Urban Question in General and the Production of Tehran in Particular), Tehran, Iran. 2011-present.