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Colleen Kaiser


Kaiser, Colleen

  • MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation (London School of Economics)

Dissertation Title

Operationalizing a polycentric approach to climate change governance: Climate policy integration and coherence in Ontario and California’s transportat

Comprehensive Areas

  • Climate Change and Collective Action: A Polycentric Approach to Climate Governance
  • Environment and climate policy integration


  • Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies

Paper Presentations

  1. Research Methodology: Climate Policy Integration in Ontario and California’s Transportation Sector (2017)

  2. Joint Clean Climate Transport Research Partnership. Host: Université de Montréal; École Polytechnique, Montreal, Quebec

  3. "On the Importance of Sub-national Climate Governance" (2015)

    Host: York University Sustainable Energy Initiative. Introductory remarks providing academic framing around the discussion of cooperation on climate change and electricity system integration in Ontario and Quebec. 


  1. Enbridge Graduate Student Award [2014 – 2015]

    York University Faculty of Environmental Studies

    Charles Caccia Graduate Award [2013 – 2014]

    York University Faculty of Environmental Studies 

Invited Talks