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Improving community health and well-being outcomes

Improving community health and well-being outcomes

Martin Bunch and Karen Morrison

Status: Ongoing
Start Date: May 29, 2017

Theme: Resource Management

The purpose of this project ‘Improving Community Health and Well-being Outcomes through Conservation’ is to gain an understanding of the current state of organizations working in the field of ecohealth and to clearly identify TRCA’s unique role in this field. The project scope will be investigating evidence-based connections between TRCA’s core work in Integrated Watershed Management; including the theme areas of Watershed Management, Greenspace, Built Community Design, Community Engagement and Education, and community health and well-being. Key outcomes of this project are to improve TRCA’s ability to clearly articulate our value to Community Health and Well-Being to our funders, municipalities and residents and to provide broad direction on where TRCA could be most impactful in improving health benefits. The overall goal of this work is to support improved human health outcomes for the residents of our watersheds through improved watershed conditions.