What kind of career services are provided to FES students?

FES Career Services offers job listings, sample environmental career profile, job search tips and links, a resource library for you to research prospective employers, various workshops as well as individual career guidance. Please see the “For job seekers” section of the Career Services page or contact us for more information.

Can I stil use FES Career Services after I graduate?


Are there other career resources at York?

As a member of the York University community, York’s Career Centre supports you in realizing your career potential. Visit the Career Centre website for descriptions of their services and prcareerograms.

How can I learn more about what occupations or careers I might be interested in pursuing?

Check out our FES alumni profiles and environmental career profiles, our job search tips and links and our resource library.

When and how should I start looking for summer work?

Most programs and companies launch summer recruitment programs in February/March. To locate summer job opportunities, first check the FES Career Opportunities Board for summer job listings. You can then try our links for…

I am an international student. Where can I get information about work possibilities, work permits, visas, etc.?

Please see York International’s International Student Employment page.

Where should I look to find a job on campus?

See information about on-campus employment from York’s Career Centre.

I would like to speak to someone about what types of courses I should take to pursue my career. What should I do?

Make an appointment with the Student Resource Assistant.

What is a field experience placement? How do I get one?

A field experience is essentially when you get academic credit for a structured work experience. Because you get credit for it, the field experience must be related to your Plan of Study and is subject to academic regulations.

If you are interested in a field experience placement, you will need to:

  1. Talk to your academic advisor to make sure it is appropriate
  2. Check with the Office of Student and Academic Services to make sure you meet all of the formal requirements and complete the necessary paperwork
  3. Find an appropriate placement by checking the FES Career Opportunities Board and networking with prospective employers/field experience supervisors

Note: FES Career Services can help you search for potential opportunities, but does not arrange field placements for students