Staff & Faculty ListServs

Staff & Faculty ListServs

The Faculty maintains three List Services (listservs) for Staff, Faculty and Contract Faculty members. Membership in these listservs allows you to receive group mailings from other members of the listserv or from the listserv administrator.

Staff & Faculty listservs

  • All Staff & Faculty members are automatically subscribed to their respective listserv
  • If you have not been added to the appropriate listserv, send an email to
  • Postings are made only by the FES Postmaster. If you believe that you have an ‘official notice’ to post to one or more of the official Program listservs, send the notice to Please indicate the name of the listserv(s) that you would like your notice posted to. The posting of your notice is up to the discretion of the FES Postmaster
Staff & Faculty listservs Listserv purpose
fes_staff Official Notices for staff members
fes_faculty Official Notices for faculty members
fes_contractfac Official Notices for contract faculty

FES Community Listservs

Additional listservs are also available to the FES Community. Please refer to FES Community Listservs for more information.