FES Computer Labs

FES Computer Labs

Three computer labs are available exclusively for the use of the FES community. File Access Service (FAS) is required. FES students, staff and faculty, and non-FES students enrolled in FES courses are given access. NOTE: FES computer labs will not be available during holidays and University closures. See dates when the University is closed.


Lab Location Equipment Timetable
FES PC lab 258 HNES 39 PCs 1 colour scanner Fall Winter Summer
FES PC lab 253 HNES 34 PCs 1 colour scanner Fall Winter Summer
FES Geomatics (GIS) lab 249 HNES 26 PCs 1 colour scanner Fall Winter Summer

Lab Hours

Monday–Friday 8:30am–9:00pm and Saturday–Sunday 8:30am–6:00pm (Summer hours may vary.). Labs are primarily used for teaching and are only available for drop-in use during non-teaching periods. At all times, priority is for students working on course related projects.

If you need to use a computer when the FES labs are unavailable, check out the other computer labs on campus. Graduate students can also access a limited number of computers in the graduate student lounges.

Room Bookings

Most of the classrooms and all computer labs in the Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) are equipped with presentation technology. York University Information Technology (UIT) Classroom Operations provides the equipment and support for these classrooms.

  • Any classroom with a built in PC requires a Passport York account to log in
  • Instructions for using equipment are listed in all rooms
  • Personal laptops can be connected through VGA or HDMI (cable is provided)
  • User must bring their own adapter if the laptop e.g. MacBook does not have a VGA or HMDI connection
  • Additional equipment and training sessions are available upon request

How do I get help?

  • Contact the UIT Helpdesk at askit@yorku.ca, or by phone at ext. 55800 (416-736-5800)
  • Please note that FES IT Services is not responsible for the operation of the equipment

The list of available rooms include

Room Type Description Max Capacity Presentation Equipment
HNES 102 Classroom Herman Miller Room 42
HNES 109 Classroom Seminar Room Requirements:

  • Passport York Account
  • Personal Laptop
    • The wireless presentation software currently has compatibility issues with OSX. Please contact the FES Help Desk (fescomp@yorku.ca) if you plan on presenting from a laptop using OSX
  • Projector Remote Sign-out from OSAS Office HNES 137
*HNES 136 Lounge Student lounge outside of OSAS 200 No equipment available
*HNES 138 Classroom Dean’s conference room 27
HNES 140 Classroom Assembly Room 150
HNES 141 Classroom Seminar Room 30
HNES 142 Classroom Seminar Room 24
HNES 143 Classroom Seminar Room 12
*HNES 207 Classroom Planning Workshop 21
HNES 248 Classroom Seminar Room 12
HNES 249 Computer Lab Teaching/Drop-in 26
HNES 253 Computer Lab Teaching/Drop-in 34
HNES 258 Computer Lab Teaching/Drop-in 39
HNES 281 Classroom Seminar Room 12

*Restricted Access

Lab Policies

Access to Computer Facilities

  • Access to facilities is dependent upon scheduled classes in the lab
  • Access to the FES network and other remote systems are free to all registered FES students, and students enrolled in ENVS courses with valid Passport York account
  • Both FES graduate and undergraduate students share the facility
  • Priority for use will be for teaching

Use of the Computer Facilities

  • Use of the facilities is restricted to course-related work
  • Computers are available on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis
  • Students are not permitted to download or install any software onto the FES computing system, or use any unauthorized software on the FES computing system (i.e. games, chat programs). Failure to comply will result in immediate and permanent loss of all FES computing privileges
  • Please logout and allow others to use your machine if you will be away for any length of time. If you are away from your computer for more than twenty minutes, you will be logged out of the computer
  • Do not open printer trays or change any printer settings. Before printing a long document, it is a good idea to send a few test pages to ensure correct operation
  • Software and hardware are property of FES. Copying any of the applications from the FES system is illegal. If you do so, you will lose your computer access and you may be charged with theft
  • It is not permitted to modify any of the default settings on the system’s application software
  • No food or drink containers should be visible in the FES computer lab. Users who fail to comply with the No Food and Drink policy after several warnings will face account suspension of FES computing access for one week (5 business days). Any further infractions may result in the permanent removal of a user’s FES computing account privileges
  • Cell phone use is not allowed in any of the computer labs. Persons who wish to use their cell phones must do so outside of the computer lab area
  • Be considerate of others working in the room by keeping the noise level down


Printers for the use of FES students are available in 259 HNES. Printer details and costs are as follows:

Printer Name Printing Type Paper Trays Cost per single side
ES-FESLAB-A-DOUBLESIDE & SINGLESIDE Double-sided printing by default 1: – 2: Letter 3: Letter $0.10 per page
ES-FESLAB-B-DOUBLESIDE & SINGLESIDE Double-sided printing by default 1: – 2: Letter 3: Letter $0.10 per page
ES-FESLAB-COLOUR Colour printing 1: – 2: Letter 3: 11″ x 17″ $0.25 per page (Letter) $0.50 per page (11″ x 17″)

You need a YU Card to print. For more information about obtaining, reporting, or updating balance please visit YU-card. Students are responsible for their own Card balances. Faculty members, staff and GAs should see the FES Help Desk for instructions. No printing refunds will be given.

How do I print?

When your document is open, select print then choose one of the printer names above. Your print job will be sent to the Print Release Station PC and will be held in a queue until it is “released” by you. Note that print jobs will automatically be deleted in three days (72 hours). To “release” the print job go to the Print Release Station PC in 259 HNES and follow the on-screen instructions.

Remote Printing

WebPrint allows you to print to publicly-accessible campus printers from your laptop or desktop computer.


There are three scanners available in the FES computer labs – one in each of the PC labs in HNES 253 and 258, with the other in the GIS lab in HNES 249. All three can scan images and convert text documents into editable files using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Please note: The scanners in both the GIS lab in HNES 249 and the PC lab in HNES 258 can also scan 35mm slides. Scanning is quite simple, but can require minute adjustments that take time to learn. You may want to do additional research on how to achieve your desired results before beginning. To use one of the scanners, log in to the computer attached to the scanner and double click the “Scanner” icon to launch the scanning software. If you need help, open the “Scanning Instructions” icon.

GIS Support


Information on ArcGIS Pro Advanced, ArcGIS Desktop 1-Year License, and ESRI Training for GIS courses, teaching and research is now available at the ArcGIS and ESRI Products at York University website.