FES ListServ

FES ListServ

The Faculty maintains seven main List Services (listservs). Three of these listservs are for official FES program postings, one strictly for alumni and three for general dialogue.

Membership in a listserv allows you to receive group mailings from other members of the listserv or from the listserv administrator. It is a great way to keep in touch with what is happening inside and outside of FES.

After you join a listserv it is a good idea to monitor the list for a while before posting a message yourself. This will allow you to see the type of topics that are discussed and it lets you get a general feel for how things work.

Program listservs

  • All registered students are automatically subscribed to their respective student listserv
  • Membership is only open to students registered in FES
  • Postings are made only by the FES Postmaster. If you believe that you have an ‘official notice’ to post to one or more of the official Program listservs, send the notice to fespost@yorku.ca. Please indicate the name of the listserv(s) that you would like your notice posted to. The posting of your notice is up to the discretion of the FES Postmaster
Program listservs Listserv purpose
fes_besinfo Official Notices for BES Students
fes_mesinfo Official Notices for MES Students
fes_phdinfo Official Notices for PhD Students

Alumni listserv

  • Postings and membership are made only by the listserv administrator
  • Any FES student can subscribe to the listserv.
Alumni listserv Listserv purpose
fes_alumni Information on events and FES updates for alumni

Dialogue listservs

  • Anyone is eligible to post in the dialogue listservs
  • Be sure to read the posting instructions sent to you after you subscribe
  • Double-click on the affiliated listserve and fill in your information
Dialogue listservs Listserv purpose
fes_bes General BES Student Dialogue
fes_mes_alt General MES Student Dialogue
fes_phd General PhD Student Dialogue


University Information Technology provides general listserv information at ListServ