FES Speaker Series

Fall-Winter Research Seminar Series 2018-2019

This research seminar series takes a multi-format, and an interdisciplinary perspective, to interrogate eleven relevant topics involving planning, urban infrastructures and civic capacity. The topics have been curated by consulting FES faculty and students on emerging areas of interest in urban studies, and by balancing out historical and theoretical discussions with contemporary planning debates.

Topics include: recent reforms to the Ontario Municipal Board; youth, student housing and place-making; planning, power and race; gentrification; queers in urban space; planning and fascism; condominium development; planning and popular participation; public spaces; and the global circulation of so called “best practices” of urban sustainability. While most of the events proposed are connected to the Toronto context, speakers will also present research from diverse cities such as Halifax, Kitchener-Waterloo, Vancouver, Detroit, French municipalities, and Bogotá. Through a mix of panel discussions, guest lectures and roundtables, the goal is to generate critical debate on topics that intersect planning practice, governance, infrastructures, and placemaking in contemporary cities.