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Established in 1968 as the first faculty of its kind in Canada, the Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) at York University continues to follow that ground breaking path.

Internationally recognized for our interdisciplinary approach, our professors come from backgrounds as diverse as urban planning, fine arts, political science, sociology, biology and philosophy. Under their guidance, you will be inspired and challenged to approach issues with an open mind and to develop your own unique areas of study.

FES is dedicated to inspiring active learners and engaged citizens. We offer undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs in Environmental Studies.

Bachelor in Environmental Studies

The BES is a comprehensive environmental studies program for students who want to change the world. Our award winning professors will inspire you to study the environment with a range of different perspectives including the economic, legal, social, scientific, artistic, and political. As a close knit, student-centric community, we will be providing you with the support you need to make the degree your own with our diverse program options. Whether you want to be designing a more liveable Toronto, exploring alternative sustainable energy sources, or engaging youth through environmental education, the BES gets you the job.

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Master in Environmental Studies

The first of its kind in Canada, our MES program is one of the most diverse and globally renowned graduate programs. Our award winning faculty come from a variety of academic disciplines, including biology, visual arts, economics, and sociology, challenging our students to look beyond the traditional “green environments.” Centered around an individual Plan of Study, you can explore topics relating to natural, built, social, political, and artistic environments while developing your own interests, research, and professional goals.

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PhD in Environmental Studies

Our PhD is one of the most diverse doctoral programs exploring environmental concerns and approaches related to the natural, the social, the political, the cultural, and the urban. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach to environmental research, our program connects conventional disciplines such as social sciences, humanities, arts, and natural sciences in ways that encourage viewing issues through a broader, more contextual perspective, with an emphasis on social justice. As a student within the PhD in Environmental Studies, you will not follow a set curriculum, but instead you will create your own unique Program Plan, guided by your supervisory team.

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