Gulliver, Tanya

  • BA in Sociology York University 1991
  • MES Community Development, Marginalization and Heat Response - York University 2009


Deconstructing Disasters: Vulnerability, Environmental Justice/Racism and Sociological Theory

Year Entered: 2009

Comprehensive Areas

  • Effect of vulnerability on actions and behaviour issues in catastrophic disasters
  • Environmental justice and racism
  • Sociology of disasters

Advisory Comittee

  • David Etkin (DEMS)
  • Harris Ali (Chair)
  • Sarah Flicker


  • Gulliver, T. 2009. The Toronto Book of Everything (co-written), Macintyre-Purcell.
  • Numerous magazine, newspaper and trade magazine articles


  • 2009 Graduate Fellowship for Academic Distinction – York University
  • 2003 Toronto Dollar Award for Social Justice
  • 1994 Heroes of the Community Award – Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto
  • Ryerson University – Community Development an International Perspective – New Orleans (2009)
  • Guest lecturer in various courses at college and university level