Killoran-McKibbin, Sonja

  • BA, English (Maj) and Latin American Studies (Ext. Min), Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC (2004)
  • MSc, Master’s Planning and the Political Economy of Development, Postgrado en Ciencias del Desarrollo. Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia (2009)


Confronting the anti-political trinity of development, environmental commodification and international aid.

Year Entered: 2009

Comprehensive Areas

  • Critical Development Theories
  • The International Aid Industry from Bretton Woods to the Millennium Development Goals
  • World Ecology and the Political Economy of Natural Resources


  • Killoran-McKibbin, S. 2010. “The Path from Cochabamba” in A. Sandberg and T. Sandberg (eds.). Climate Who's Carrying the Burden. Toronto: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
  • Killoran-McKibbin, S. 2009. Logrando la eficacia de ayuda. Documento de Trabajo 5. La Paz: CIDES-UMSA.
  • Killoran-McKibbin, S. 2006. Cuba’s Urban Agriculture: Food Security and Urban Sustainability.Women and Environments International.
  • Killoran-McKibbin, S. 2005. Feasibility study: possibilities for agro-ecotourism in Havana, Cuba. Report for Lifecycles Project Society.(Report)

Teaching Experience

  • 2012 ENVS 3800R Development In a Globalized World (Course Director)
  • 2010-13 ENVS 3340 Global Environmental Politics (TA), York University
  • 2009 ENVS 1200 Taking Action: Engaging people and the environment (TA), York University