Switzer, Sarah

  • Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (Collaborative Program Women and Gender Studies). OISE, University of Toronto
  • Equity Studies & English, Honors B.A., University of Toronto

Dissertation Title

Beyond the end or the means: Re-conceptualizing engagement in HIV Programming, Service Provision and Care

Comprehensive Areas

  • community engagement and participation (a critical reading)
  • participatory visual methods

Advisory Comittee

  • Dr. Sarah Flicker


Switzer, S. (in press). Towards a Critical Reading of Participatory Visual Methods. In Moshoula Capous-Desyllas & Karen Morgaine (Eds). Creating social change through creativity: Anti-oppressive arts-based research methodologies. Palgrave Macmillan: London.


Switzer, S, Lyaruu, T., Apong, K., Bell, O, Manuel Smith, C, Hernandez, L.,  Pariah, S., McWhinney, P.G., Seidu, F., Bykes, A. (2016) What's glitter got to do with it?: Re-imagining harm reduction, decision-making and the politics of  youth engagement. In Smith, C. & Marshall, Z (eds.) Critical Perspectives on Harm Reduction: Conflict, Institutionalization, Co-optation, Depoliticization, and Direct Action. Nova Publishers: New York.


Switzer, S., Guta, A., de Prinse, K., Carusone, S. C., & Strike, C. (2015). Visualizing harm reduction: Methodological and ethical considerations. Soc Sci Med, 133, 77-84.


Gaztambide-Fernandez, R & Switzer, S (2010). Marginalized/Excluded Voices. In C. Kridel (Ed)  Encyclopedia of  Curriculum Studies. Sage: London.